Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Salarify is a platform introduced by your employer that gives you access to your already earned but unpaid wages with a single click. The app measures your already earned salary day by day, making the amount, which is determined by your employer available to you at any time.

If you have also a hard time balancing with your money at the end of the month, or want to avoid the extra costs of late fees. Salarify gives you the flexibility to pick up your well-deserved wage at any time during the month and you can switch from a monthly payment system to a weekly or fortnightly system. More frequent payrolls have been proven to help with financial planning and assignability. It’s a lot harder to plan our finances a month in advance than, for example, just a week.

Salarify is connected to your employer’s payroll system so we can keep track of how much money is available for you. As you work day by day, your available Salarify balance will increase, which you can retrieve as you wish.

Any employee whose employer has a contractual relationship with Salarify.

If you can’t find your employer among our partners, our service is not yet available to you. We are working hard to reach as many employees as possible. If you want your workplace to be one of the following, click HERE to speed up the process or tell the HR department about us.

Following the example of the Unites States and Great Britain, Salarify was the first in the continental Europe to set up a platform to access earned wage.

Financial questions

Currently within 1 business day. We are working to make this even faster in the future.

In any case, we can only provide access to your already earned salary. And the maximum amount available is a % of your net salary determined by your employer. (You can ask your employer about the exact value.)

Our service is provided by employers to their employees. As a result, we do not charge you, as an employees any fees. 

No. We will give you access to the salary you have already earned.

No. Since you have requested your earned payment, you will receive less money by this amount on the next pay day.

Technical questions

Salarify encrypts all data flowing through it. Due to the design of the system, no one other than you can access your salary.

Click on the “Register” button to register. Enter your email address, set a password, or use your social media account. In addition, enter your tax number, phone number, and select your employer from the list.
After registration we will send you an email to make sure that you registered. In the received email click the “CONFIRM THE EMAIL ADDRESS” button and log in to your account. 

In the “New Transaction” menu, set the required amount and click the “Request My Money” button. You are now done, the requested amount will arrive in your bank account within a maximum of 1 working day!

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