Don’t wait weeks for your next payday. Get access to your already earned salary, anytime you need it. 

Salarify empowers you

to have more control over your finances.

Flexible pay-cycle

Cover your unexpected expenses with your own salary, even at the end of the month. Whether you need to pay a visit to the dentist, to a mechanic, or anything else, Salarify can help you get access to your salary on-demand.

Comfortable access

Use Salarify to avoid payment delays and you already saved money. You can manage your pay-cycle so you can take care of your savings and obligations.

Because you earned it

You make money every day, and here is a tool to access it. Make any day payday with Salarify, and use your salary as a dynamic balance.

How is that possible?

If we have a contract with your employer, just register on our platform, and you can start using Salarify anytime. (Find out if your employer is a partner here.)

Our app tracks your earnings based on the payroll system already used by your company. If you start a transaction, it can take up to 1 working day to have it on your bank account.

It is your already earned salary, so you have nothing else to do: you don’t have to pay it back. Your employer will deduct the accessed amount from your next paycheck.

How can you use Salarify?

It takes only 4 steps

Sign up with an email address and create a password.
Confirm your email, then fill out your Profile with some basic information. Don’t worry, it won’t take more than 2 minutes
Save your Profile, and start using Salarify!
Just choose the amount You need, then tap on “Payment” anytime you want to get paid.

Do you want direct access to your salary at your workplace?

If you subscribe as an employer our colleague will contact you soon about scheduling a demo.

If you subscribe as an employee you can help us implement Salarify at your workplace sooner.

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