Empower your employees with the latest innovation for salary payments. Flexible, fast and fully automated.

Empower your employees with the latest innovation for salary payments. Flexible, fast and fully automated.

What is Salarify?

Salarify is the first solution in continental Europe that lets the employees access their already earned but unpaid wages at any time.

It is a next-generation employee benefit that can help you make recruitment easier and retain your workforce.

What is Earned Wage Access?

The monthly pay-cycle cannot adapt to the monthly costs of employees because they often occur before payday: household expenditures and mortgage instalments are usually needed to be paid during the first days of the month.

By using Earned Wage Access, employees don’t get paid only once a month. Instead, they can access what they have already worked for. In this case, they are able to balance their incomes with the mentioned expenses and they can take care of unexpected expenses.

  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Simple
  • Effective

How it works?

1. Preparation
  • Evaluating our partner's needs
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customizing the available amount
2. Launching
  • On-site help with the registration
  • On-boarding day
  • Workshops
3. Operation
  • On-going support
  • User interviews
  • Measuring conversion

The "Salarify effect"

Employee wellbeing

With the tool of Earned Wage Access, employees can manage their finances more efficiently which improves their quality of life in general.

Employer branding

Prospective and current employees are more loyal to employers who keep their financial health in mind.

Increasing productivity​

When we worry about money, we can't focus on the work we do. Eliminate financial stress and help your team achieve their best performance.

45% of workers in financial stress would switch to a more flexible pay-cycle *


* Salarify market research

The flexible pay-cycle can reduce the fluctuation by 40 % **


** Dailypay.com

The implementation of Salarify not only helps the financial flexibility of our employees but also the work of our HR, payroll and customer service colleagues. For them, the use of the platform significantly reduces the administrative burden of the advance payments.

Bulcsú Baradits, Head of Rental Business, Man At Work Kft.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to collect the most frequently asked questions and answers. If you have not found an answer to everything you have been looking for, please visit our F.A.Q. page for more information or to contact us in the way that is most convenient for you.

Following the example of the USA and UK, Salarify was the first in the continental Europe to set up a platform to access earned wage.

In the current uncertain situation, the financial stress on the employees is intensifying. Therefore their financial health and access to fair financial services has an increased importance.

Usually the liquidity required for wage payments is ensured by the employer. If you would prefer a different solution, please reach out to our team, so we can provide you with detailed information regarding cashflow-independent options.

The implementation of Salarify does not require any operational tasks from our clients. We ensure that the processes are fully automated during the implementation and the operation.

Salarify is fully automated and requires no further interaction after the implementation. In addition, it takes all administrative burdens related to advance payments off the shoulders of HR and payroll staff.

No, as the paid amount is automatically recorded as an advance payment in the payroll system thanks to the integration. This amount can be managed in the usual way at the end of the month, without any extra administrative burden.

The maximum amount that can be requested per month is always determined by the employer (even for different groups of employees). Salarify only provides access to earned wages and the available balance is a specific % of the salary or a fixed amount.

Salarify’s product is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, and the data of the employees can be only accessed with their consent. As a result, no contract amendment is required on the part of the employer.