Meet our team!

Bence - CEO

Bence is an active member of the Hungarian startup community, while being an advisor in other fast growing startups such as AI Venture and QLife. He studied SMB financing, risk management, banking and behavioral economics.

Paolo - Co-founder, Advisor

Paolo has over a decade of experience in product management and data science having served as the Head of Trust & Safety at Google in Switzerland. While at Google, he launched and worked on products like Google AdWords, Google Plus, Google Shopping and Google Accounts.

Zsolt - CTO​

Zsolt is the head of our developer team. He is a full stack developer, and a rest-API specialist. When not working, he is teaching programming to youngsters at Flow Academy in Szeged.

Flóra - VP of Customer Success

Flóra has participated in the creation of marketing strategies of numerous hungarian startups, and this is how she met the concept of Salarify. Besides Salarify, she is doing her master studies specialized in digital media.

Bence - Product Manager

Gábor - Frontend Developer

Gábor is a core member of our developer team, he is a frontend developer. His focus is on the appearance of the applications. He first met Salarify through our CTO, Zsolt.