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Software Engineer

About the job

Salarify is looking for a passionate and motivated Software Engineer to join its amazing team working on their next gen fintech products in Hungary and Europe used by thousands of people. You are the right candidate if you are enthusiastic and you are interested in the product development field and you are not afraid of new challenges. At Salarify we work with set goals and key results, as long as you met those, you are able to adjust your work and time in a way as you prefer. So while working with us you will have the flexibility as a freelancer. 

Responsibilities & Tasks:

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About Salarify

At Salarify our main objective is to build a better digital financial ecosystem. With our product portfolio we are supporting this goal by offering an on-demand and dynamic salary advance payment solution and making the income verification processes easier and stress-free. At Salarify we work with large enterprises to achieve our goal by integrating our solutions within HR and payroll systems. 

Benefits and compensation

We are offering a wide range of benefits to our employees.Besides the competitive salary, you can enjoy unlimited days of paid holiday, flexible working hours, home office opportunities, employee stock options, bonuses, training plans and other benefits to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You will be able to use our Salarify Pay feature as well, to access your already earned salary at any time. Besides that you will work in our amazing team to redefine Europe’s financial infrastructure and in the meantime to develop yourself as well.

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